JR Ewing and his family

by Robert 30. November 2009 15:15


Last Friday was yet another Friday with a theme in our stores... Dallas (and hey, do not blame me for that pick)! When you think of Dallas, fashion not might be the first thought popping out of your mind. However, our crew pulled it off well! Exaggerated shoulders and checked shirts... Håkan even copied that 80's Casio digital watch. 



Vagabond Xposed

by Robert 30. November 2009 08:34

On the 21st of November, Vagabond hooked up with one of Sweden's best hair studio, altoego, who in a collaboration with famous haircare brand RedKen supplied an amazing show at Factory, Nacka Strand in Stockholm. Shoes from Vagbond was used in the above military inspired theme with hairdesign from Aina Mattson... Lovely! Maybe it is just me, or do you also have a hard time focusing on the hair and shoes!

Weekend warm up; 27th of November

by Robert 27. November 2009 13:52

This weekend warm up is a smoking hot track from Armand van Helden where Mr double D, Duke Dickson, presents the Duck Sauce... The track is called "aNYway". Armand van Helden was born in Boston, USA, back in 1970 and started his career only 15 years old. His first single, Deep Creed Stay on my mind, was released in 1992. Armand is mostly known for his remixes for other artists but had a smash hit with the single My My My in 2005. This video will definately put you in the right Friday mood so just turn up the volume, and play it loud!

Fantastic Mr. Fox

by Robert 27. November 2009 09:13

I am really looking forward to Wes Anderson’s (The Daaejeeling limited, The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tenenbaums among others) first animated film, Fantastic Mr Fox utilizing classic handmade stop motion techniques to tell the story of the best selling children’s book by Roald Dahl (author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach). The work and handcraft in this movie is amazing (click HERE for video) and the line up for doing the characters voices kind of suggests the status of working with Wes, including George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartsman, Bill Murray and Owen Wilson. The movie premieres on the 29th of January in Sweden!

What's the story morning glory

by Robert 27. November 2009 08:45


It was a really pleasent journey to work today... Andreas, thanks for the coffee on the train! And at work; gingerbread biscuits, glögg (mulled wine) and Lucia buns. YUMMIE! Thanks to all involved...


Party party

by Robert 26. November 2009 10:59

The Holiday season is just around the corner, so you better prepare for parties and family gatherings (whether you like it or not)... To all you ladies out there, do you have enough dresses? ok, check on that one! But the shoes to go with them? You'll better take an extra look in your wardrobe... And you guys; pants, shirt, tie, jacket? Check! But how about the shoes? This is what it looks like today at the office... it's all about the shoes!

Selected items, 50% off

by Robert 26. November 2009 10:55

50% off on a few selected pieces of art! Only in our Vagabond stores... make sure to pay a visit now to close the deal!

Exclusively in our VB stores & E-store

by Robert 26. November 2009 10:41

This darling will soon end up in some selected VB stores and our e-store... When? Beginning of December! So make sure to keep your eyes open for yet another member in the Vagabond family!


Designer dresses, 90% off

by Robert 25. November 2009 15:49

It's the end of the month and you have no money left for designer dresses, your invited to a party and do not know what to wear? A scenario very close to PANIC! Not any more... at least if you live in New York, where the company Rent the runway hook you up with the latest styles from the catwalk for 10% of the retail price (Yes, you rent it). What if the dress doesn't fit? Nemas problemas, you always receive your dress with a backup size.   

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die

by Robert 25. November 2009 08:17

Dr Denim is a Swedish denim brand based on the Swedish westcoast. The brand started back in 2003 by the Graah family, a family totally dedicated to denim, so dedicated you wonder if they have indigo in their veins... For Dr Denim's AW09 lookbook they hooked up with photographer Jonatan Fernström and stylist Marie Farah, and we are very happy that they picked some goodies from the Vagabond collection as well. That is actually not the only connection to Vagabond, the male models, Axel, was actually working in the Vagabond store in Gothenburg earlier. Dr Denim is much fashion for less money so make sure to check them out!


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