Preview of SS10; Non by Kim

by Robert 29. December 2009 11:07

Exclusive preview of the SS10 lookbook from NON by KIM! On the feet, Lear from Vagabond... Want to know more about the designer Kim Bakker, see the interview HERE!

Today I'm wearing this; 23rd of Dec

by Robert 23. December 2009 13:12

 Today at the office! This is me and my shoes!

10 question to designer Kim Bakker at Non by Kim

by Robert 23. December 2009 08:23


Non by Kim is one of the hottest brands in the Netherlands and Vagabond has collaborated with them for a couple of seasons... The founder and creative director of the brand is Kim Bakker who just announced that they will open up a webstore in February... So all guys out there with an interest of conteporary design, keep yourself updated HERE, and for you who just wan´t to know more about the talent Kim Bakker, just continue to read... 

1 Favourite place of inspiration? The wonderous world in my head.

2 In my mp3player right now? Loads of music, for every occasion I have a theme song. With busy times ahead I like to listen to Olafur Arnalds and Johann Johannsson

3 Favourite getaway? My house is my sanctuary. Since I spend most of my days in my studio and on the road I cherish the days that I can just be in my house.

 4 In my next life I will… Do exactly the same things as I am doing now, but I would add a large sum of money to make everything easier and take my hard working friends on a holiday. 

5 I am afraid of…The moon falling on the earth and aliens. 

6 At my first job I was… Tailor assistant 

7 Bad habit? My mind has huge holes and thoughts keep falling out. 

8 My worst fashion buy? I have no worst fashion buys, I am a wise buyer. I usually save my money until I fall in love with a piece. 

9 I spend too much money on… I have a thing for kitchen machinery. The most expensive things in my house are in the kitchen…that might also be a bad habit.

10 Just before I answered these questions I was… Opening a bottle of organic apple juice. 

News, news and more SS10 news

by Robert 22. December 2009 11:39


STAY ALERT!!! Later today these beauties, and plenty of other ballerinas, textile shoes, platforms, wedges etc. from our SS10 collection will be available  in our webstore. Make sure to keep yourself updated during the day since they only are available in a limited quantity... Please SANTA, please!

Christmas party

by Robert 21. December 2009 09:12

Last Friday, on the 18th, all HQ employees gathered for a Christmas party...  Above images are only from the mingle before and you who have been to a Swedish Christmas party totally understands why! The Swedish snaps slaps you in the face harder than Tyson! Big up for Vagabond's own dancefloor shakers: "The sole makers"

Weekend warmup: 18th of December

by Robert 18. December 2009 14:25

Today we really need a heavyweighter as weekend warmup since we are having a Christmas party coming up tonight... A dedidication to the late 90's; Paul Johnson with his "Get Get Down". Hopefully it will get you in the right mood!


What's on your head...

by Robert 17. December 2009 11:47


Today is a cold day in Sweden, so instead of focusing on the shoes, we choosed the head... So, this is what it looks like today at the office! 

Moleskine, a perfect Christmas gift

by Robert 15. December 2009 13:46

Moleskine was not founded until 1997, but has anyway created an iconic status as the notebook of notebooks. Supplying these books for almost any creative purposes  there is always one suiting the shape or colour you prefer. The above video is a perfect way to keep track of your thoughts or creative ideas, so Santa, wherever you are, look HERE for the closest dealer.



I'm a firestarter...

by Robert 15. December 2009 11:12

Firestarter is not only a song by Prodigy, it's reality here at the Vagabond headoffice! A machine in our design studio suddenly gave away "a bit" too much smoke and the fire alarm went off... Minutes later we had the brigade at the office (To our female staff's delight) taking care of business. Hopefully the machine will be replaced soon so we will have an AW10 collection to present. Noone got hurt and all employees showed and exemplary orderliness when the alarm went off... FIRE FIRE!

Lucia procession at the HQ

by Robert 14. December 2009 11:01

Earlier this morning... Lucia procession, with our Financial manager as Lucia. Big up for all involved, a very cozy moment with fantastic songs.


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