Truly, madly, deeply

by Robert 30. April 2010 12:10

Not really what you expected from a bunch of fotball fans! Haha!

Expensive Ipad case

by Robert 30. April 2010 11:24

After you have spent 499$ (starting price) on an Ipad, you might consider spending 366$ for a Louis Vuitton Ipad case... Or not! Two colorways will anyway be available, both implementing Louis Vuitton’s signature Monogram and monochrome Damier Graphite schemes... Available in 2011.

30th of April; Today I'm wearing this

by Robert 30. April 2010 08:13


Just another Friday morning at the office! Today I'm wearing this... Inspiration; Lucha Libre vs Nacho Libre. Viva la Mexico!

29th of April: Today at the office

by Robert 29. April 2010 14:24

This is what it looks like today at the Vagabond headoffice!!! Give me more of thoose colours!

Louis Vuitton treathened with death

by Robert 28. April 2010 13:36

Louis Vuitton must die! That is the name of the Danish designer Lasse R. Jensen and goldsmith Mikkel Thorsens conceptual neclace and t-shirt. A very nice neclace combined with a hard hit towards the luxury giants, BUT! it feels like we have seen it before (read Alex & Chloe with Coco must die, or the French street artist Zevs)...


Born free

by Robert 28. April 2010 11:54

In previous entry i saluted standing out from the crowd, something hyped UK artist M.I.A definately is doing, and has drawn to it's limits with her video Born free. With samples of Suicide's hit Ghost rider from 1977 this song is a kick back against USA (see badges on sleeves) and other countries that uses armed forces to control people. This video is according to me a bit to much and was drawn back from youtube due to it's explicit content. Politics and music are often connected but what's your opinion? Warning do not watch while eating!

Loose gravity

by Robert 28. April 2010 11:04

Back at work from a couple of weeks in paradise... ohh, not bitter at all. Anyhow, Gravitonas is the latest project by the loved and hated Swedish multiartist Alexander Bard, who together with Andreas Öhrn and Henrik Wikström today released the video Kites, the first single from the coming album. Alexander is a well known figure in Sweden, where he is reconned as a writer, debator, philosopher and artist. He always used to wear shorts, but has now abandon them since everybody else is wearing it (read on the Dries van Noten catwalk 2010). The always provokative Bard have written some of the most famous Swedish hit singles back in the 80s and 90s and has also been involved in succesful groups as Army of lovers, Vacuum, Alcazar and BWO. Even if you do not like the music, you just have to love the courage to stand out from the crowd when it comes to fashion... mainstream is so last year!


There's a party going on!

by Anton 23. April 2010 17:07

In Vagabond Store Sergelgången Stockholm Dj Sane is spinning records between 13.00 - 18.00. In Göteborg Kungsgatan, Amanda is crossfading from 15.00 - 19.00. By the way nice shoes Amanda ;) Make sure to drop by if you are in the neighbourhood! 


Weekend warmup - New Robyn (Fembot)

by Anton 23. April 2010 10:17

What do you think of the new song from Robyn? Her new album "Body Talk" is to be released 14th of June where the song "Fembot" is featured.

Robyn: "People expect things of you, like kids and like marriage, and I found myself just thinking of that a lot while making this record, so the song is about that in a way, but it’s also fun. I’m playing around with the concept of being a woman, and what it means to physically be able to carry kids, but at the same time that’s not always what you see yourself as."


Sweet as Candy

by Anton 23. April 2010 08:13

Better than candy? At least it’s just as tempting for the eye. Buy your textile shoes right this weekend and we will toss in a package of Mentos fruit. Just cause it looks so nice…
Pick your textile favourite here.

Valid for orders placed April 24-27th or whilst stock lasts. Value SEK 10,00/EUR 1,00



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